Wood Wall Shelf - Walnut

Living & Interieur
January 12
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Product Description:
Present what's important to you Our wooden rack is designed to hold the things that matter to you. Available in two handy packages or individually, it fits in a wide range of spaces, from home to office. We make each shelf from 15 layers of high-quality walnut plywood, aluminum and natural cork, hand-stained with Japanese calligraphy ink. Clean and functional Our design allows for a clean installation, close to the wall and with no visible fasteners. The cork holders are reinforced with aluminum to increase stability and double as integrated bookends. A hidden slot allows you to run cables behind the shelf. specifications ORIGIN - Design, cork processing and assembly by Grovemade in Portland, OR - Made with supplier partners in Portland, OR MATERIAL - Natural cork/ebonized natural cork with sumi ink - aluminum - American walnut/maple plywood (15-ply) DIMENSIONS - Width: 38"/54" - Depth: 7 ½” - Thickness: ¾” - Bracket height: 7 ¾” - Usable distance between...
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