Marostica Low Marble White Nylon

June 29
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Product Description:
The Marostica Low is our most iconic sneaker and our first sneaker. Launched on the market more than ten years ago, the Marostica immediately became a classic. With its signature D-rings, it is a solid reference and a nod to our roots and heritage in mountaineering. The Marostica Low sits on the Serena sole, which is made by a family-run rubber producer in Marche, Italy, who has been producing soles since 1952. The Serena sole, an old tennis sole, is an incredibly durable and long-lasting sole with a beautiful tread pattern. The inner lining is made of cowhide leather, the footbed is made of vegetable latex with a leather upper lining. All components, including wear parts and laces, are made in Italy. material Cordura with colour-coordinated suede details, Sympatex waterproof lining® paint white marbled sole rubber sole shoelaces blue, white Size & fit Is one size too big

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