Hermès Nautical Anchor Desk or Wall Clock

August 4
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Product Description:
A Hermès silver-plated bronze, eight-day table clock or wall clock that is integrated into the body of a ship anchor. This beautifully crafted watch was directly influenced by a classic ship anchor design. Every detail has been faithfully recreated: beak, shaft, neck, arm and shaft. The quality is as you would expect from Hermès from this period. The clock is thick and quite heavy, but by no means bulky and would look great on a desk or nightstand. Each part of the anchor is stamped with its own part number and fits together perfectly. Another wonderful and absolutely original detail of the watch is that the back end of the shaft can be unscrewed from the middle. This allows the bale at the top of the anchor to be used to hang the clock on the wall and lay it flat. The simple reason for this is that the clock can leave the desk and be hung on the wall as soon as the ship leaves port to prevent it from slipping in rough seas. A beautiful and well-thought-out detail. It was designed for...
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