Curb Chain Necklace - A

July 18
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Product Description:
Numbers and letters for sizes can be confusing. Normally, the first size I make is the one I want to use, and it becomes the base size or size A. After that, I decide if I want to make more sizes. The first size is usually the A or the 1st, the ascending letters or numbers are then larger sizes such as B, C, 2, 3, etc. This is size A and has a width of approximately 7.5 mm. As always, this necklace is closed with the model 9 clasp, a sculpture with impressive function in itself. Our curb necklace is unique for a few but important reasons. We make our metals here, we buy pure elements such as gold, silver and copper and mix them here in the foundry to make the alloys we use to cast. The effort we put into each piece may seem unbelievable and almost absurd, but that is the order of the day. We put so much care into everything we do. We are looking for the last bit of goodness that results from a great deal of time and effort. Sterling silver, stainless steel feather Made by hand in ou...
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