Ama Anklet

April 20
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Product Description:
The Ama pieces are dedicated to the traditional female pearl divers of Japan. Records of the Ama women date back as early as 927 AD in Japan's Heian period. Early Ama were known to dive for seafood and were honored with the task of retrieving abalone for shrines and emperors. Ama means “sea woman” in Japanese. This bracelet is a delicate style of small sized freshwater pearls. Each and every pearl is naturally unique hence their shape, size and color might slightly vary. Just like 'wabi-sabi' the quintessential Japanese aesthetic holds, there's beauty in things imperfect. DETAILS: freshwater pearls, Sterling silver closing individually handmade in Budapest, Hungary made to order, please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping SIZING: S 20-21 cm long M 22-23 cm long L 24-25 cm long

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