An amazing ‘Digibana’ project in 3D Flowers By Studio Brasch

We already show here in Design Gallerist some cool 3D projects today we bring ‘Digibana’ a digitally rendered Ikebana created by Studio Brasch. This studio provides visionary brands an opportunity for expressing their values, services, and products, through impactful imagery and forward-thinking moving images as you can see on their website. In this work, the artist in this 3D series of renderings that he called ‘Digibana’, the Swedish art director has created floral arrangements of the future. “I like to think of this project as a futuristic ikebana practice”, Brasch-Willumsen explains, “where moments of beauty are created and preserved only by a constant stream of likes and shares”. In this project you can see minimal arrangements of flowers in the composition, These arrangements have white anthuriums, palm fans, violet-blue orchids, eucalypt and coral berries (that are the visual highlight). So minimalistic so artistic we are in love with this project presented by Studio Brasch.